Armando Alemdar Ara at The Gherkin

2 February - 30 April 2015

Armando Alemdar Ara is an artist, educator and art theoretician. In 2001 Armando co-founded Neomodernism, an art movement that espouses spiritual and aesthetic values in art. Armando’s art is in many public and private collections in Europe and the USA. In 2009 the Inner Visions documentary on the artist’s work directed by Nicolas Laborie was premiered at GX Gallery, London. The documentary features an exclusive interview with Charles Ryder who for many years designed art exhibitions for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Collection and the Frick Collection in New York, and in the UK, English Heritage and the National Trust.


Armando’s paintings are visual statements of thoughtful and creative imagination, but also of deep reflections into the true nature of reality. A sensation of depth prevails in Armando’s pictures; a spiritual depth, as well as artistic depth, not unlike that tremendous sense of depth and perspective that we find in Renaissance art. These same qualities are perceived in Armando’s pictures and yet he is not using any kind of obviously recognisable physical form. This is the unique quality that has captivated art critics and collectors, and which gives his new pictures such a metaphysical dimension. Armando’s abstract pictures present harmonious, flowing forms, but also powerful tensions, contrasting improvisations, overlapping shadows and parallel dimensions that are imbued with both complexity and simplicity. In terms of method and the process of creation Armando closely follows the Renaissance techniques and for his subject matter his ideas are almost always drawn from his readings on mythology, philosophy and theology. As a master colourist Armando effortlessly creates magical imagery of the mysterious relationship between movement and energy. As such his work represents one of the most original visual styles since the dawn of Modernism.



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Searcys Club | The Gherkin 
30 St Mary Axe 

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