Erin de Burca

Erin de Burca’s work deals with architecture and the built environment, provoking the viewer to consider how they affect and reflect their personal and social experience. De Burca grew up in Ireland, moving frequently, but always finding her surroundings to be monotonous. From this she developed a keen interest in architecture and how it affects humans, as well as their interactions (or lack of) with each other.


Her most recent works deal with changes in our environment in an age that is becoming increasingly dominated by technology. De Burca states that we have begun to live our lives out in homes dominated by machines and that as a result we have become more individualistic. Instead of engaging with each other face-to-face we have turned to virtual communities to fulfil our need to engage with others.


De Burca left Dublin in 1982 to work in Harare (Zimbabwe) and Madrid before settling in Calpe, Alicante in 1986. Her time is divided between work in her Calpe studio and teaching. She has also exhibited widely on an international level, with Solo and Group exhibitions in China, USA, Spain, and Ireland.