Yankel Feather’s extensive artistic career started in childhood. In the 1920’s and 30’s, an era where children were ‘seen and not heard’, Feather became a keen observer of his surroundings. His first attempts at painting were by making patterns out of the water stains on his ceiling.


Feather moved to London during his teens, and he studied art at Woolwich Polytechnic. Even throughout the war he continued to paint, but was demobbed in 1946. It was then that he returned to Liverpool for a short period, before relocating to Cornwall where he met his lifelong friend Sir Terry Frost, only to return to Liverpool again. Once home Feather continued painting, as well as opening a successful club called The Basement, and an antiques shop.


In 1977 Feather was fighting illness and decided to return to Cornwall to die. However his career continued with great success for the next 30 years, until he passed away in 2009.


Feather’s paintings depict a huge variety of subjects such as nudes, landscapes, and still lives. His work is full of life and goes beyond mere representation, depicting both movement and landscape with an almost impressionistic fluidity. There is a sense of energy in his work, and he captures the fleetingness of a single moment in time with ease. When explaining some of his influences, Feather described, “from Velasquez I learned how to see, from Hilton I learned how to feel, and from Fuselli I learned how to fly.”


Feather has exhibited consistently in London, Manchester, and Liverpool, and his work graces the private collections of the late Cilla Black, Ringo star, and Sir Terry Frost. He has exhibited at galleries that include Zimmer Stuart Gallery, Hanover Gallery, Helen Lessore’s Beaux Gallery, Salt House, New Millenium Galleries, and Liverpool Academy of Arts.