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  • TV Tan -

    Tristan Pigott

    TV Tan

    oil on linen

    50.5 cm x 60 cm

  • Sunday Morning Overground -

    Tristan Pigott

    Sunday Morning Overground

    oil on canvas

    120 x 120 cm

  • Waiting  -

    Tristan Pigott


    Oil on linen

    66 x 55.9 cm


  • Urban Neurosis -

    Tristan Pigott

    Urban Neurosis

    Oil on linen

    71 x 50.5cm


  • Running With Scissors -

    Tristan Pigott

    Running With Scissors

    Oil on linen

    50.8 x 50.8 cm


  • Fast Food -

    Tristan Pigott

    Fast Food

    Oil on linen

    508 x 50.8 cm


  • Easy Reading -

    Tristan Pigott

    Easy Reading

    Oil on linen

    116.84 x 152.4 cm


  • What's Your Point? -

    Tristan Pigott

    What's Your Point?

    Oil on linen

    66 x 86.30 cm


Pigott’s paintings are simple explorations of human characteristics
which play with proportion and ideas of the surreal. His
interest in how people perform in everyday life has informed
his work and he attempts to exploit these characteristics of a
person’s self-projection. A catalyst for this projection is fashion,
which he makes poignant, whether in a humorous approach or
through composition. Although photography plays a large part
in his preparation, Pigott wants to maintain a distance from
photographic realism. He states:

I feel keeping a division between the two enables an interesting
detachment from real life, yet leaves a strong sense of realism.
I’m constantly striving to improve my work and see what realism
I can achieve with oil paint, but searching for an interesting
differentiation from traditional portraiture.

In current developments technical exploration has added larger,
freer brushstrokes to help deconstruct his image backgrounds,
allowing the viewer’s eye to pass around the piece more easily
as well as allowing figures to bounce off of the canvas.
Pigott believes it is important that his paintings are personal,
even when exploring something that can be as transparent as a
person’s socially constructed front, such as their fashion, or the
clothes they wear. He does this by carefully selecting the
models he chooses to paint, whether they are friends or family.
His work earns an ambiguity which draws the viewer in,
allowing them to spend time working out the different
connotations of the surreal narratives he has created.

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GX Gallery, Denmark Hill, Camberwell.
Monday through Saturday 9am – 6pm
Closed Sundays and public holidays